Primary Instructor: Joe Walden

I have 17 years of experience preforming magic in venues ranging from private parties, to community events, to the streets. Regardless of the size or make-up of the audience, my passion is to connect with them on a personal level and create a genuine magical experience. I started a magic company called Artifice Magic which provides interactive close-up for corporate events, special occasions, and other events. The company specializes in magic that gets the audience involved because i believe that the audience should feel like they are a part of the magic. As head magic Instructor for the UT Magic Club, I help our members hone their skills and provide them with information regarding the psychology of magic. I take time to explain why things work and don’t work as well as improve member’s techniques and performing abilities. If you ever have any questions about magic or just want to talk about magic, send me an email and I would be happy to talk about it!

 5a9413_0c8c17549c084710ae8eb36caa0b98d2 Director: Khalid Qarryzada

Hi, I’m Khalid, and I am currently a fourth-year Electrical Engineering student. I’m the director for the club, so my job mostly entails administration and being the spokesman for the club. In case you’re curious (which I assume you are, given the fact that you’re reading this), I began magic about four and a half years ago because I was fascinated with its deceptive nature. However, my reason for staying and continuing to explore the art was a little more different – I had become enamored with all of the subtleties and intricacies that are integral to making magic whole. For me, magic is both a form of expression and a gift that I share with anyone (well, anyone who’s willing to watch me flail a deck of cards around for at least five minutes). I’ve also found that I enjoy teaching magic very much, which is of course one of my biggest roles for the club. Besides magic, I enjoy video games, programming, chess and reading. I’m always willing to talk about my passion for the art, so send me an e-mail if you would like to talk about it!

5a9413_ff1b45ff64144a348cd1aad3f115c28a-mv2_d_1254_1253_s_2 Webmaster: Alex Aguirre

I am currently a fourth year Environmental Science student with a focus in Biology. I started performing magic as a way to improve my public speaking skills, and along the way began to appreciate magic as an art. I’ve been performing magic for about 3 years and although that may not seem like much, dedication and practice go a long way! From the moment i began performing, I’ve loved every minute. Aside from magic, I enjoy film, comics, the outdoors and sloths.




Marketing: Alisha Kalangara

I’m a sophomore Computational Biology major who doesn’t really know what to do in the future. I’ve been doing magic on and off for a couple of years. I enjoy binge watching TV shows, and my favorites at the moment are The 100, Jane the Virgin, Mr. Robot and Orphan Black.





Treasurer: Chris Fitzsimmons

Hi, my name is Chris Fitzsimmons and I am the treasurer. I am 18 years old and have been performing magic for almost 3 years. I am a Chemical Engineering major and hate myself almost daily for making such a bad life decision. I’m from Fullerton, California and moved here because I’m way too broke to go to Stanford.