Although Subscribing to our email list is free, official membership costs $20 per semester. By becoming a member, you will learn everything there is to know about magic, receive a free deck of bicycle playing cards, enjoy poker nights, socials, free food, access to our Video Tutorials, and more!  In case you are confused, below is a list of frequently asked questions. If these don’t answer your question, feel free to shoot us an email.


Do I need to have experience with magic to join?

Not at all! Any level of experience is permitted! It is our job to help guide you through your magic experience. Even if you have no experience, we begin by teaching you a solid foundation of fundamental sleights that you can build upon, so you can perform miracles at an early stage.

What type of magic do you teach?

We teach all forms of magic! Although there is an emphasis on card magic, we try to expose our members to as many forms of magic as possible as well as the resources to continue to pursue those interests. Our focus during meetings is on the performance and presentation of the various forms of magic

Do you teach/perform cardistry?

Although some of us know some flourishes here and there (and some are more adept than others), we like to focus on sleights that are applicable to the magic field. Our club is heavily focused on decieving people (for good fun) rather than demonstrating flourishes.

Where and when are your meetings?

Meetings will resume when the 2018 Fall Semester begins again.

Do you perform at events?

Yes. We try to perform as often as we can. We have done everything from street magic, to talent shows, and formals. Qualified members who have proven their ability to perform are the ones who attend the bigger events.

Nonetheless, if there is an event you wish to book us for, please contact us through email here with all the details. Some charges may apply for certain events such as stage shows, however contact us with specifics so that we can provide you with a quote.